Stamped Concrete is a special technique that allows us to use traditional concrete materials, and transform those materials into a beautiful, show-piece patio, pool deck, driveway or other concrete project.


Stamped Concrete is a process that uses special coloring techniques with plain, regular concrete combined with a unique stamping process to create a concrete area that resembles flagstone, slate, field stone, brick, or whichever pattern you select.


Stamped Concrete starts out with plain, regular concrete and while that freshly poured concrete is being placed and finished, and before it gets hard, we are able to color and stamp impression into that concrete. When we’re done we are able to create a stunning concrete project with authentic colors and patterns that have authentic depth, texture, and beauty.


Stamped Concrete allows nearly unlimited design ideas. Since concrete is placed while in a liquid state, we can create nearly any shape imaginable. We have literally thousands of color and pattern combinations to satisfy the most demanding and creative designs and designers!


Stamped Concrete is typically the most economical decorative surface available. Since the concrete is poured, colored, and stamped all in the same day, for most projects, it is the most economical solution. Other surfaces, such as pavers and stone are far more labor intensive, ie setting each stone individually takes much longer and thus is more expensive.


Stamped Concrete grows in popularity each year. As more and more stamped concrete is installed and more consumers see it and become familiar with it, more and more people have it installed. Most people agree that for the money, stamped concrete is the best “bang for the buck”.


Stamped Concrete has come a long way with authentic coloring and stamping techniques. We now have a grout and shading technique, where we can create stamped concrete that looks so authentic, most people would swear its real stone!


Call us to setup an appointment! We’re confident that you’ll agree Stamped Concrete is the best surface going!