FAQ'S of Stamped Concrete

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FAQ (Some other questions you may have…)


How long does it take to dry? When can I walk on it? Why does it smell so bad? What if I get some on my shoes or hands? These are all great questions that you are probably asking. First, about safety… Please read and follow all instructions on the sealer container regarding first aide, cleanup, etc. The high quality solvent-based sealers do have a strong "paint-like" odor as you are applying them to the surface. The odor will dissipate as it dries. As for drying time, it ranges from a few hours to a day or more depending on the temperature and the exposure to the sun. Before you walk on the newly sealed surface, just touch it (like you would a newly painted surface) to be sure it is not sticky to the touch.


Oh, wait, one more question. Does Salzano Custom Concrete do the resealing job as a service?


We want you to know that re-sealing is a relatively easy project for any homeowner to tackle. Therefore Salzano Custom Concrete does not typically contract to do the re-sealing work. However, and that said, we will always contract with you to provide this additional service. Just give us a call anytime.


That's all there is to it --- now you're good for another 2-4 years!


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